Here’s Nick!

So my first actual blog and here is a picture of my boy Nick…Nicholas…Niko-pop…Niko-Popo-Rocko Boy.  He has many nick names(pardon the pun!)   I swear though, that if you heard us talking to him on a daily basis you would think his name was really “Nick are you alright?” because we ask him that at least 20 times a day.  He has a peculiar habit of not chewing his food properly, so he tends to choke.  Not to mention his almost falling what seems like a gazillion times a day.  And if we are not in the same room with him and hear a sudden crash, we automatically yell it out.  We have asked it so much that, whenever he does fall, he calls out, “I’m ok!”

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!



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2 responses to “Here’s Nick!

  1. haha yes! I’ve heard it..crash! Bang! Thump! Silence….and then, “I’m OK!”

    Always jarring to hear!

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