Motherhood Lessons

Things My Mother Taught Me:


How to laugh at life….

That siblings ARE a gift of from God…

That you can get up again and again after falling…

That there are more important things in life than things…

That the pain you experience as a mother is nothing compared to the joy you receive…

That mothers are fallible…

and that some mistakes can never–in this lifetime–be fixed.

Things Being A Mother Has Taught Me

Children don’t necessarily comprehend sarcasm (thankfully).


That siblings TRULY are a gift from God…

That you will do anything you can to help them get back up each time they fall….

That I wouldn’t give up seeing my son’s first smile, laugh, step, etc. for all the riches on this earth…

That the joy you experience as a mother is beyond comprehension until you become a mother….

That my children are more forgiving than I am fallible….amazing…

Finally that I wish my mother was still on this earth so I could ask her for forgiveness….


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