Road Trip Adventure

I love baseball.  And I especially love to watch my eldest son play the game.  He is in college now, and he plays for an NAIA school, who made it to the NAIA World Series for the first time in years.  We live about 1200 miles from Lewiston, Idaho, which is where the series is held, so it was time for a ROAD TRIP!

A road trip of this magnitude is difficult for any parent, but when you have to pack for a disabled child it is especially challenging.  My van was loaded to the hilt–between the wheelchair, luggage, sleeping bags, tent (did I mention we were camping during this trip?), food, games, dvd player, and various medicines, nebulizer, etc., there was barely enough room for the four of us who were traveling!

And we had just gotten the van fully loaded, ready to go…check lists complete, when the phone rings.  It is Nick’s doctor. I answered thinking she was just going to tell me the results from the lab work the day before were what she thought–urinary tract infection.  But no, she called because there were abnormalities in the blood they drew.

So, now she thought we shouldn’t go because Nick might have a clotting disorder.  And with the altitudes we would be going through, she was concerned he could get a bloody nose that wouldn’t stop bleeding.

I took a few deep breaths, listened to what she had to say, hung up the phone and cried…and cried..and cried some more.  I felt torn in two.  This was perhaps a once in a lifetime opportunity to watch my oldest son play in a college world series.  And yet my Nick could be facing something we had never encountered before.  I felt like I had to choose between being there supporting my eldest son, to being a responsible parent for Nick.

What did I do?  I called in back-up.  Since I know very little about what the doc was telling me, I called on a wonderful nurse I know, told her what was going on, and she guided me very patiently through what the lab numbers actually meant.

Armed with the new information, I made the gut wrenching decision to do the follow up lab work on the way to Lewiston, Idaho.

And away we went!

On our journey there, we drove through the desert…then the mountains where it was snowing.  It was awesome.  I have lived in California all my life and though I have seen snow, I have never actually seen snow falling. The boys were awe-struck, as was Matt’s girlfriend, who thankfully made the journey with us.

I have never (knock on wood) run out of gas.  But I sure came close on the way to Idaho.  I had been on E for a while, believing the GPS when it said I only had 40 miles to go until the next town and gas station.  Well, it was actually more like 70 miles.  I was never so happy to see a gas station in my entire life, and when I pulled up, miracle of miracles–at least to this California girl–a young man approached my window, asked what kind of gas I wanted, pumped it for me and then cleaned my windows.  I hadn’t seen this happen in almost 30 years.  I definitely was not in California anymore!

On the final leg of our trip to Lewiston, we decided to stop at my son’s hotel to see him before we went to the camp site and settled down.  BIG MISTAKE! Again, I believed the GPS–I tend to be a slow learner–and turned down this dirt road.  As we approached the 1 mile mark, I thought it would be done soon.  Wrong.. the cow in the middle of my path should have been my first clue.  34 miles later we came across a paved road and turned left…and I have never thought pavement looked soooo beautiful!

We never did get to see my son before we arrived at the place we were staying.  But now I truly know what miles of bad road means because I think we encountered every bad road that exists between here and Lewiston.

And it turns out, Nick was fine…lab work was bad.  Looks like it was the right decision after all:)



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2 responses to “Road Trip Adventure

  1. Full service gas stations really exist? lol
    Fun to read..heart wrenching all over again!

  2. When we first pulled in, I was wondering what the guys were hanging around for–what a surprise when one of them started pumping my gas for me! Add this to my reason list to move out of SoCal!

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