WRITER’S WORKSHOP: Before I Was a Mom….

….I made no plans….whatever I felt like doing, I pretty much did, given I had funds available, and it wasn’t anything that would make my mother cringe too much.

….I loved going to the beach at sunset, walking along the pier, and contemplating the majestic beauty and power of the ocean.

….I hung out with my friends until the wee hours, and somehow managed to still get to work on time, and not feel like a zombie.

….I loved reading for leisure, and loved almost all of my classes in college.

….I wondered about whom I would marry, and daydreamed (on occasion) about life as a wife and a mother.

….I was happy being by myself.

….I wondered how it was possible to be happy being just a mother.

….I was fearless.

….I loved roller coasters, was unafraid of earthquakes, and dreamed of skydiving one day.

….I was agnostic.

….I never loved unconditionally.

….I never put someone else’s needs above my own.

….I wasn’t so proud that I cried.

….I didn’t live and die by somebody else’s successes and failures.

….life was much much simpler.

….I never knew true joy.



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7 responses to “WRITER’S WORKSHOP: Before I Was a Mom….

  1. I love this list. So true. People who never become parents are short changed. It is the true human experience. It adds depth and scope that can’t be found any other way. Good or bad. (=

  2. We all really were selfish before we became moms huh? Good thing we did in fact become moms!

  3. There is just something about giving life and then taking care of that life. It is what is in us! I am with you…they are true joy!

  4. ck

    “….life was much much simpler.

    ….I never knew true joy.”

    Perfectly put.

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