Father’s Day…AKA One More Day Without My Dad

Father’s Day is (to me) kind of like good news/bad news.

Good News:  I have a great husband who is an amazing father to our boys, who I am pretty sure I don’t deserve.  I am thankful for him every day of the year, and father’s day just reminds me again of how much I have to be grateful for.

Bad News:  It has been 3 and a half years since my Dad left this earth, and I will forever miss him.  And other fathers who don’t deserve the title still walk this earth.

Here is what I miss most about my Dad….

I miss hearing his laugh.

I miss the sound of his voice.

I miss hugging him.

I miss hearing him tell ALL of his friends about how proud he was of my eldest son, and how he would tell anyone who would listen that HIS grandson was gonna be in the Major Leagues someday.

I miss him playing with Nicholas, putting his hands in the air when Nick, playing police officer, would yell, ” put your hands up, Grandpa.  You’re under arrest!”  Then Nick would “shoot” him, and he would play dead, then say, “you’re a bad cop, Nick..you are not supposed to shoot if their hands are up.”  And I miss hearing Nick laugh after that, laughing with his grandpa.

I miss watching Angels baseball games with my dad.  He taught me so much about the game while we watched.  I first heard the expressions, “can of corn”, “through the wickets”, and “the tools of ignorance” from him.

I miss hearing him talk about his love of flying, and about how he was going to fly again, “one day.”

I miss how his face would light up when he saw his youngest grandson, Isaac Lee.

I miss hearing all of his crazy stories and jokes.  He had a mind-boggling number of one-liners at the ready, and I still laugh to myself when I think of them.

But more than anything else, I miss the tomorrows that will never come:   “See you tomorrow.” “Call you tomorrow.” “Let’s watch the game tomorrow.”

For those who still have tomorrows to look forward to, count your blessings.  For those of us who don’t, we need to count our blessings as well…blessed to have had them here in the first place.



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5 responses to “Father’s Day…AKA One More Day Without My Dad

  1. His one liners were numerous and sometimes inappropriate….but always very funny! 😉 I remember he showed me pictures of his airplane once and how proud he was…he was a very good dad.

  2. Sounds like you had one great dad. Wish I could say the same, but I try to focus on a fact that my husband has already done more for our kid than my own father in his entire lifetime.

    • He was great in a lot of ways, though of course he had his shortcomings which I don’t really like to focus on. And I am thankful too, that my husband is such an amazing guy..and a lot more involved with our boys at their ages than my dad was. Different times, I guess. Thank you for stopping by:)

  3. Pam (Jade's mom)

    Oh Leslie, I know exactly what you mean. Reading this made me cry and miss my Dad all over again. It’s been five years now for me. I always wish I had appreciated him more when he was alive.

    • Pam, I know you appreciated him while he was here. It is just when they are gone, it seems like it was never enough. I still miss your Dad too!! He was a funny guy…He always made me laugh at some point during birthday parties, etc. Thank God we had them for as many years as we did, right??

      Love you!

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