One Fine Day…

Since my last blog, I keep thinking about my Dad.  So, I am going to be a little indulgent, and share one of my favorite memories about him.  It is something he used to say to me and my sisters and brother repeatedly as we were growing up…and it would always make us laugh (or at least smile).  I don’t know who wrote this silly little poem originally….probably it was just said and then passed from one person to another to another.  I know my Dad didn’t author it.  But it kind of epitomizes him, and especially his sense of humor.

I should also warn….not politically correct, which he NEVER was….so if you are offended in any way…I apologize but I heard this from the time I was a very little girl until I had kids of my own…  and to be honest, this is one of the most innocuous things he uttered in his life.  My Dad would sometimes forget the age of his audience (including his own children).

Here goes……

One Fine Day

In the middle of the night

Two dead boys

got up to fight

Back to back

they faced each other

drew their swords

and shot one another

a deaf policeman

heard the noise

and came and killed

the two dead boys.

Silly, right??  Ridiculous??  Yep…and that was my Dad.   Loved him, warts and all.



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4 responses to “One Fine Day…

  1. 🙂 had to read it a couple times to ‘get’ it all!! It just flows – lol!

  2. LOL!! Sounds as corny as something my hubby would say!! ;D

    Thanks for the FOLLOW!! Got ya’ back! (((HUGS)))

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