Just Can’t Say No….

So, here’s the deal.  I know I am supposed to tell my son “No” periodically.  I realize that I am setting myself and him up for failure for saying yes after just a few of those looks. Not to mention after just a couple of please Mommy’s. But almost since we were told of his diagnosis, I have wanted to make his life easier.  I want to do everything in my power to make him a little bit happier.

So, giving in to him has become like crack to me.  I just can’t say no.  Not to Nick.  Ask the little one…Isaac…and he will tell you that my favorite word is no, and that I hate to say yes.  Unless it is Nick.

I think the problem is that when he was little we were told he might never walk, and he might never talk.  The doctors just told us to be thankful for whatever he could do, because anything was just about a miracle, given what his brain looks like.  (To put it bluntly, a fellow parent , when given this diagnosis, was told her son’s brain looks like swiss cheese.)

So, every time Nick did anything we cheered.  The entire family.  Literally….it got to the point that every time Nick moved a muscle, he would turn around and anxiously await the standing ovation.

Through the years, Nick’s possibilities seem to diminish.  I know that he will never have a family of his own, or drive a car, or even live on his own.  He will always need someone on this earth to watch over him.  So, if he wants candy for breakfast–yes. Popsicle before dinner?  Absolutely!

The only thing I really deny him are things that I know will truly be detrimental to him.  And this has been especially hard with his whole gluten-intolerant thing.   So, he doesn’t get cookies, or doughnuts(his favorite!), and he can’t have milk because dairy has also become an issue.

So, maybe I say yes to him when I would say no to the older or younger son.  But, seriously, how can I say no to him when his life has so few yeses?

Plus, how can I possibly deny this face?



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2 responses to “Just Can’t Say No….

  1. Bah, saying no is over-rated. I say let him have what he wants as long as it won’t hurt him or put him in imminent danger. If anyone says differently tell them to go to hell. He has EARNED his yesses fair and square.

  2. Just think of them as small rewards for all he has to deal with!

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