Writer’s Workshop: Meeting Jade

I vaguely remember meeting Jade for the first time.  It was in church (that much I know), it was during a lunch ( I think) that was served after church to all who attended.  Our husbands played basketball together while we waited.  I remember thinking….hmmmm…she’s awfully quiet.  And she looks like she’s 12 years old!  Her husband looks like he’s 30!  I am awfully curious about her…him…the whole arrangement.  But she doesn’t talk much.  So how can I possibly get to know her better?  Oh well.

Then we had lunch together…with our husbands. I remember this silly joke she said about a cockroach….that her husband had to encourage her to tell.  Turned out she has a very dry sense of humor…and she makes me laugh literally out loud.  She’s not so quiet after all.

And then a most interesting thing happened.   She and her husband were looking for a new apartment…turns out he wasn’t 30 and she wasn’t 12:)  And they were expecting their first child.  They happened to see us as they were looking at our apartment complex.   Soon, they moved in.  We exchanged numbers.

Then Nick got sick.  He was just a little guy then, and one horrific night he spiked a fever…and then started to seize.  I freaked.  Mel was not home.  I was alone with him and his older brother who was just a very little boy at the time.  I called 911.  And when the ambulance arrived the paramedics called from the security gate outside, saying they needed the code to get in.  I knew the code.  I knew it because I gave it out to all of our friends who visited.  But I could not remember the freakin’ code when I needed it the most.  So I did the only thing I could think of…I called Jade. She lived right by the gate.  I asked if she would please let the paramedics in.  She, of course, did.

She was 9 months pregnant, and she came to my rescue.  She took me to the hospital and sat with me while the doctors and nurses tended to Nick.  She was, in short, an answer to prayer.

And, truthfully, she has been coming to my rescue ever since.

She has held my hand, prayed with me, held me while I cried…

She has been with me through all of life’s ups and downs over the last 13 years.





Adoption (yay!)

Our children’s successes….

As well as their struggles…


and even death.

There is no one, besides my husband, whom I rely on more to help me through this life.  There is no one I can laugh more with…and no one I am more comfortable sharing all of my innermost thoughts with…the darkest ones don’t even scare her away.

I am thankful that we met all those years ago…and that she has forgiven me my many failures as a friend.

And I will be forever grateful that I can call Jade my best friend.



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6 responses to “Writer’s Workshop: Meeting Jade

  1. That’s what life is all about… the best of friends and helpingo one another through it all, the good and the bad. Jade sounds like an awesome friend and I’m sure she thinks the world of you too!

  2. One of the first things I remember about you, is talking about “The Summer of my German Soldier,” and realizing I had found someone who loved books as much as me (yay)!
    And when Gracie had her first really high fever..I called you, because you would know what to do.
    You amaze me with all you do and I am proud to be your BFF!
    And thank YOU for forgiving me all my ‘short’comings.
    OK, did you mean ,” She was, in short, an answer to prayer.” or “She was a ‘short’ answer to prayer”..sorry couldn’t help myself!
    Love you!

  3. Thanks Jade…as usual you made me literally LOL!! And thanks for sticking by me all of these years!

  4. Ashley

    LESLIE =] I love your blog! Especially this one! Oh and BTW its all your fault! She made me read that book & I REALLY didnt want to hahaha

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