So I am trying this blogging thing for the first time…thanks Jade—if it is good, I will gladly give you all the credit—if it’s bad, you also get all the blame!  Just kidding, sort of:)

I am Leslie, Nick’s mom.  That has become my primary identity since his birth 15 years ago.  I am also blessed to be mom to Matt and Isaac.  And for that I am eternally thankful. But someday Matt (who is now 20) and Isaac (who is 6) will move out permanently…find their place in this enormous world of ours. Nick will be with us until we leave this earth.

So while I am many things to many people, I am primarily Nick’s mom.  This title controls everything else in my life.  So this will be about my life with Nick.

Two weeks after he was born he was diagnosed with Partial Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum (or PACC).  Basically a piece of his brain is not all there.  So Nick has struggled with everything from learning to talk, walk, eat, socialize, etc.  He has asthma (which runs in the family) and seizures which are thankfully controlled by medication.

It has been an interesting ride so far.  We have had sleepless nights, ER visits too numerous to count, surgeries, questions, questions, questions.  And we have had unbelievable joy over every step he has taken, every word uttered.  We have been witness first hand to miracles.  He is my boy.


6 responses to “About

  1. I am so glad you’re hear, EVERYONE needs to know you!

  2. Welcome! Can’t wait to follow your journey. xoxo

  3. Your writing is great! I hope you enjoy blogging!

  4. 3 boys, wow, you need to aid “with patience ad infinitum” to the end of your Nick’s Mom title! I understand the questions, questions, questions, I’ve been there too. This is a great blog, and now I have found something to to with my morning coffee over the next few days as I catch up on all your posts. Thanks for stopping over at the OCM, because it let me find you here!

    • I keep saying thank you to you, but I really mean.it. Talk about patience–waiting all that time at the ER to have some Doc tell you to come back the next day?? And you didn’t haul off and slap him?? I truly am enjoying your writing and have just told a friend of mine about you…she will be checking out your blog shortly:)

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