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The Princess and the Pee….

This is Belle…


Ain’t she cute??

Well, at least we think so.  She is almost perfect.  She is the proverbial lap dog.  And we love love love her.  She has helped soothe our aching hearts after having to say goodbye to our dog, Jasmine.  She has given our home life in a way only a puppy can.  She plays with our almost-ten-year-old border collie Sheba…she has brought the pep back into Sheba’s step…which is a minor miracle because I was already starting to think about the time in the not too distant future when we will have to make the same awful decision for her that we had to make for Jasmine.  In short, she fits into our family like she was created just for us.

Now if we could just get her to be the master of her urine life would be fabulous.

Apparently, Chihuahuas are notoriously hard to train…must have missed that memo.

I am trying really hard not to compare her to Jasmine and Sheba…both who were amazing when it came to house training.

We have tried the crate.  “They won’t go where they have to lay down.”  Really??  Poop..pee…you name it, our little princess dog has done it, in the crate, outside the crate.  Whenever the mood strikes her–she goes.  I am forever picking up after her…thought dogs were supposed to be easier than kids! I feel like I am her servant.  She owns me..not the other way around!

So, we have given up with the crate training, and are focusing on puppy pads.  Better luck so far.  But still…

If you are a guest in our house, watch where you step.  She weighs only about 4 pounds, so thankfully she doesn’t pee a river…but those little droplets of urine on the hardwood floor where you least suspect it could cause trouble!

Is it wrong to threaten to get rid of her when I am exhausted and picking up pee??

But….all I have to do is look at her sleeping not next to, but on, my little one…

…and I know she is here to stay…she has already wormed her way into our hearts, pee and all.



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Goodnight Sweet Girl

Yesterday, we said goodnight forever to our Puppers….our Jazzerini…our DJ Jazzy Jazz…or just plain Jasmine. I wrote a post a while ago about her deterioration, and my reluctance to let go.  After that post, she had perked up…started eating and drinking again.  I truly believe that she held on for my son, Matt, to get home from Wisconsin.  He was her boy, after all.  She stood guard over him while he slept…allowed him to drag her around by a leash, and loved playing with Matt.

The house seems too quiet now.

We are all in a state of shock.  I knew it would be hard.  I just didn’t realize how empty I would feel.

For 17 years, she had been with us…through three apartments and three houses.  She used to panic when we would move.  We would always take her over to the new place last.  I guess she thought we were never coming back.  Poor thing.  We would never leave her behind. Until today at the vet’s. And though I know we made the right decision….the vision of her dying haunts me.

We were all there for her…the entire family…standing in the room with her, holding her, kissing and hugging her…until she breathed her last.  It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do.  Leaving her there was what we decided we would do.  We are not the “bury the dog in the backyard” family…or the “ashes on the mantle” family either.  And that is not to say that I think that if someone does that they are weird.  It is just not us.  But leaving her at the vet’s office was tough.  We left her with her favorite blankie, one that used to belong to my son.  It just felt right to us to do that.

Today, I scoured through all the pictures that we have, searching for the perfect picture of her…and I think I found it.

It shows her looking up at Her boy.  You can see the love in her eyes for him.  I framed this picture and am going to give it to my son…I hope it brings him happiness instead of the overwhelming sadness that is engulfing us now.

I am looking forward to the time when we will only laugh about the wonderful times we shared with her…and not cry over it having to end.

I have never before made the decision to end a pet’s life.  Why can’t they just all go to sleep and die peacefully?  Why must we have to be the ones to play God and end their suffering?

So….Goodnight Sweet Girl…Sleep Well and know that you are missed and still very much loved.



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